Traditional Massage

1. Full Body Oil Massage
It is believed that Oil Massage has its origins in India about 1800 years ago. Oil Massage induces relaxation in the body by rubbing oil all over the body.
2. Foot Reflexology Massage
With its origin in China and only established relatively recently, this massage technique works on the reflexes of the body by massaging on certain zones of the feet - stimulated through nerve endings which can improve circulation and blood flow to all the vital organs.
3. Facial & Lymph Drainage Massage
Relieve tension of the face, activate blood circulation and the best way to stimulate muscle. Lymph Drainage Massage is to stimulate and excrete waste out of the liquid system in the human body.


Relaxing Touch Massage - In today's fast-paced world, it is easy to get frustrated, frazzled and stressed-out. But if you have got that relaxing touch - you knead away tense muscles and calm jagged nerves - then you can make the dreams of relaxation a reality.

Thai Massage

The Traditional Medical Massage of Thailand, more commonly known as 'Thai Massage', is one of the world's oldest healing modalities ..., originated in India over 2500 years ago and brought to Thailand by a saint named Doctor Shivago Komarpahj.
Thai Traditional Massage has fundamental Massage points called "Sen" which are the energy lines. Thai Traditional Massage uses two primary procedures i.e. to apply gentle pressure with the hands and feet and a wide variety of passive stretching movements making it effective by stimulating the blood and lymph circulation for physical fitness so as to improve body immunity. Before beginning the Massage, it is an old age Buddhist tradition to pay respect to the opposite person and also to summon up the personal energy to concentrate on the condition of the individual.